Summary of lead working group meetings


At the beginning of June we held a meeting with the lead working groups to determine the key aims for the development along with establishing the required approach to successfully deliver and communicate the development and involve support circles.

We agreed that by April 2018 we will have a clear project plan and will implement the visions paper in West Somerset by April 2019.

We also agreed that through the development of the day services we would like to:

  • Have a clear link to Town council and/or local council initiatives
  • Establish baselines, map and manage project along the lines of Progress for Providers
  • Consistent communication on developments to generate and maintain buy-in and further initiatives.
  • Deliver the project through strong representative and co-production
  • Clear and effective links to local employers

What did we decide?

Following our first meeting we held another at the end of June where we decided that we will produce a regular newsletter to keep parents and carers updated and provide contact details for any questions or feedback.

We also decided to get hold of some Go-Pros that staff and our customers can use so that we can create a feature wall at Seahorses to document activities and plans.

We determined the best way to communicate the development of the day services for working groups would be to develop this website so that we can be clear about the changes and updates to those it may effect.


In our July meeting we focused on what’s important for the Day services and those who use the service.

Collectively we established what’s important to customers, what our customers enjoy doing, who could access the centre, what already goes on at the centre and the opening times which we have detailed below:

What’s important to customers:           

  • Meeting friends                                        
  • Quiet time                                
  • Helping others                                                                                                                  
  • Community                                
  • Having things to do

Things our customers enjoy doing:

  • IT skills (A volunteer comes into the centre to provide sessions)
  • Puzzles
  • Making Things (Cards, gifts etc)
  • Running, Cycling, Walking, Gardening, Cooking, Gardening

Who could access the centre?

  • Oasis drama
  • Poppins
  • We need to feel comfortable with the people coming into the centre

Other things that already happen at the centre out of ‘normal’ hours:

  • Disco’s / Summer BBQ – At the end of each month open for other people other than people at the centre to access. Tickets sold either through yearly subs or on the door also has a tuck shop
  • Cinema Night – Popcorn & ice cream
  • Quizzes
  • Country Dancing
  • Themed Nights (a different theme is picked such as the Oscars etc)
  • Fete’s – open to public
  • Plant Sales – Open to public
  • Christmas Market – Open to public
  • Table top sales (Charity is picked to receive money raised)

Hours the centre should be open:  7 days a week from 6:00am till 11:00pm


By our august meeting we had already began to receive enquiries and even secured some bookings for children’s parties! We had decided to initially run these at no cost to help advertise the space through word of mouth in the community.

We chose to move the summer house at Seahorses to the front of the site so it can be utilised as a pop-up shop to sell items that are handmade and grown. There are a large number of people who pass the Seahorses on Tuesdays, walking towards the market so we felt this could be a good opportunity to work with others in the community who wish to sell items.

We have also decided which wall will become the feature wall at Seahorses and hope to now begin capturing some fabulous pictures of customers and staff participating in activities to go up!

We also identified a team of support workers that will undertake reviews.